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August 2014
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- new look rittenhouse -

new look rittenhouse - photo by: ryan sterritt

rittenhouse has a new label design for its straight rye whiskey. the design is more modern and gives the bottle a classier feel. it still has a screw top, however the new look is definitely more pleasing to look at sitting on your liquor shelf! compare it to the old design.

rittenhouse has earned the double gold medal at the san francisco world spirits competition and was also named the best north american whisky by whisky magazine. not too shabby for a rye you can find for around $20!

did i mention it’s great in an old fashioned?

- ryan

- clementine as lion -

clementine as lion - photo by: ryan sterritt

we had a blast at the atlanta zoo today!

- ryan & gub

zoo atlanta

800 cherokee avenue se
atlanta, ga 30315


- little birds at the zoo -

little birds at the zoo - photo by: ryan sterritt

our little birds at the atlanta zoo this morning! on a side note, did you know as a georgia resident, you are able to get a family of four into the zoo for free once a year? all you have to do is visit a georgia public library and check out the zoo pass dvd. upon returning the dvd, you receive a pass that can get two adults and two children (kids under 3 are already free) into the zoo! this was our second time taking advantage of this great offer! it’s super easy and well worth the effort.

more details can be found here!

- ryan & gub

zoo atlanta

800 cherokee avenue se
atlanta, ga 30315


- old fashioned -

enjoying an #oldfashioned #cocktail !!! used #bulleitrye and #angosturabitters .

i enjoyed some old fashioned cocktails this evening! i would say it came from the combination of being on both a rye whiskey kick on top of a mad men kick!

for those interested, i went with bulleit rye and angostura bitters.

- ryan

old fashioned:

1 tsp sugar or 2 sugar cubes
2-4 dashes angostura bitters
2 oz rye whiskey
1 large ice cube or ice cubes
splash club soda
2 orange wheel
1 orange wheel rind
2 maraschino cherry

• rub an orange wheel rind around the rim of a highball glass
• muddle sugar, orange wheel, cherry and bitters in glass
• add a splash of club soda and swirl around
• remove orange rind and add ice
• pour in rye and stir
• garnish with a fresh maraschino cherry and an orange slice

- ryan

- looking out -

looking out old house - photo by: angela nichols

check out this great view looking out a window of an old house near of madison, georgia.

- gub

- exploring madison -

exploring madison - photo by: angela nichols

having fun exploring madison, georgia!

- gub

- living walls conference 2014 -

the 2014 living walls conference is this weekend! this year features 19 artists from around the world painting new murals all over atlanta!

the murals will be painted over the next 10 days with a ton of other activities happening throughout. besides getting to watch these new works go up, there’s also a bike tour, lectures, a gallery exhibition, outdoor movies and lots more.

check out our posts on previous living walls murals around atlanta!

- ryan

- weezer playing ball -

weezer playing ball - photo by: ryan sterritt

rivers cuomo and weezer were throwing the ball around at turner field before their free concert!

- ryan

- atlanta braves + weezer = summer fun -

atlanta braves + weezer = summer fun - photo by: ryan sterritt

tonights atlanta braves game had a pretty awesome promotion, a free weezer concert at turner field after the game! that’s one of the better ballpark promotions i’ve heard of, much more fun than a foam finger or bobble head.

i haven’t listened to weezer much since their green album, however the blue album and pinkerton still hold a special place for me. plus the chance to see them in combination with a braves game was too hard to pass up.

older weezer fans were definitely not let down. the setlist included early hits like my name is jonas, say it ain’t so, the sweater song & buddy holly, as well as later hits like island in the sun and hash pipe. the stage was set up around 2nd base and people who paid extra were able to go down on the field for the show, something i did not do. a ton of people stuck around for the show and there was a nice summer breeze, so it turned out to be a very fun evening.

on a side note, rivers cuomo commented that they had spent the previous day in peachtree city visiting his grandparents and that his mom was from their. i never knew he had georgia ties. i also didn’t realize that rivers daughter was now playing keyboards for the band! or maybe this was just a special show.

- ryan

- the best laid plans -

the best laid plans - photo by: ryan sterritt

we packed up a very nice picnic with the kids and headed out to find the perfect picnic spot, only to be poured on by a huge florida storm within minutes of getting all set up at melbourne beach. it was straight out of a berenstain bears book! clementine was still trying to eat her sandwich as we were running to the car for shelter!

- ryan & gub