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October 2014
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- if you’re feeling sinister -

belle & sebastian are playing tonight at the the tabernacle, wahoo!!! we are big fans and it’s been 11 years since they played atlanta, so we are thrilled.

so far they’ve had some great looking set lists in miami and orlando, so i have high hopes for tonight. they’ve been playing plenty of old tunes for people like me!

there are tickets available, if interested. check out the rest of their tour dates.

– ryan

- get me up there -

get me up there - photo by: angela nichols

clementine is way into climbing trees these days!

– gub

- grey in swing -

grey in swing - photo by: angela nichols

grey looking cute in his swing!

– gub

- calligraphy -

calligraphy - photo by: angela nichols

from the recent calligraphy exhibit at the hudgens center for the arts right now until 8pm called illuminated letters.

– gub

- roll tide -

i recently went on a trip with the kids to tuscaloosa, alabama. grey and clementine were able to visit their cousins and i was able to attend a university of alabama college football game with my brother. it was a ton of fun indeed!

the game was a blast. i felt like i appreciated the experience more than when i was in college, which is the last time i would have been. i’m surprised it took so long to make it back to a game, especially with the amount of college football i watch.

the only downside was not being able to have a beer at the game. although being in an open-aired stadium on a cool evening was a fair tradeoff. the georgia dome gets quite stuffy for football events.

roll tide!

– ryan

- lowe’s build & grow -

did you know lowe’s offers free clinics for kids where they get to learn and build things? sounds pretty cool! we signed grey and clementine up for the fire truck with ladder clinic this saturday, september 27th, where they will learn about fire safety and get to build a fire truck. according to the website, they will “build a wooden project and get a free apron, goggles, patch, and much more.” we will let you know how it goes, there’s a haunted house clinic in a few weeks if it goes well.

– ryan & gub

- japanfest 2014 -

japanfest 2014 - photo by: ryan sterritt

we had a ton of fun at japanfest 2014!!! besides the amazing totoro hat we found for grey, there were lots of things to do, see and eat. there were performances, workshops and plenty of other activities for both adults and children. the event took place in and around the gwinnett convention center in duluth.

grey and clementine had a blast fishing for balloons, having their fortune read and enjoying some japanese snacks! plus they got to create their own calligraphy at the hudgens center for the arts, where there was a coinciding exhibition of japanese calligraphy and paintings. we were also able to see some of the matsuriza performance, which was awesome! they are a japanese traditional taiko drum troupe known for their performances at epcot center.

there was also a section with lots of authentic japanese food as well as vendors selling everything from studio ghibli gear to traditional kimonos and origami. there were also various yamaha tractors, boats and what have you on display that the kids had fun playing with.

on a side note, we did see a handful of studio ghibli costumes, including: kiki, tombo and a catbus. clementine got a kick out of them! there were plenty of other anime cosplays that i did not recognize. lots of blue hair for sure, you gotta have blue hair.

we weren’t sure what to expect at japanfest, however we were definitely impressed and will head back next year!

– ryan & gub


Saturday, Sept 20, 10am-6pm | Sunday, Sept 21, 10am-5pm

gwinnett convention center

6400 sugarloaf parkway
duluth, ga 30097


hudgens center for the arts

6400 sugarloaf parkway #300
duluth, ga 30097


- totoro hat -

totoro hat - photo by: ryan sterritt

we found this great totoro hat at japanfest 2014!!! it’s adorable and can double as his halloween costume this year!

– ryan & gub

- italia -

italia - photo by: angela nichols

grey sporting his italia shirt!

– gub

- say cheese !!! -

say cheese - photo by: ryan sterritt

here’s a cute photo of gub and the kids!!!

– ryan