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April 2014
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- pam longobardi -

- rainy day -

#rainyday #raincoat #yellowraincoat

grey looked adorable in his yellow raincoat! another rainy spring day.

- ryan & gub

- pam longobardi exhibit -

- circus toys -

#janod #janodtoys

we love the little story sets from janod toys! they are super cute and really well deigned, our kids play with them all the time and have yet to get tired of them. the toys come in these great boxes that are super sturdy and can also be used as the background. you can get the sets in various themes, including circus, farm, western and fireman themed.

the sets come with various train pieces that will fit any wooden train set you have. we have the circus and farm sets and the pieces fit our melissa & doug train set.

these sets are perfect for your kids or for birthday gifts!

- ryan & gub

- night vision -

spring evening - photo by: angela nichols

it felt like summer this weekend. clem and grey ran through the sprinklers and we saw our first fireflies. the evenings are still cool and mosquito free though, so it’s not quite summer, which is nice.

- ryan & gub

- hanging with grams -

Hanging with Grams

from our instagram feed!

- ryan & gub

- redemption straight rye whiskey -

i've been digging the straight #ryewhiskey from #redemptionrye !!! it's very tasty! #rye #whiskey

i’ve been sampling different rye whiskies as of late. after trying bulleit and 13th colony, i went with redemption rye whiskey. off the bat, i wasn’t impressed with the design of the bottle. the hand-numbered batch was a nice touch, but the metal screw cap was a big turn off. i was, however, recommended their rye by both employees and random patrons on five consecutive trips to green’s beverage, so i decided it was time to try it out.

like bulleit, redemption straight rye is distilled from 95% premium rye mash and aged for 2 years in new charred oak barrels. at 92 proof, it has a little more bite than bulleit, but it is still super smooth. for only $23.99, it definitely gives bulleit a run for it’s money for best value.

back to the bottle design. if i were headed to a party or giving this as a gift (ie. cared about a nice presentation), i would probably go with bulleit or 13th colony. those bottle designs are much more fun and have better counter appeal.

on the other hand, if you are looking to get a gift for a big rye fan, redemption is a great choice they may not have tried. it’s very tasty, and for the price, i know i will be going back to this brand.

- ryan

- pompoms on the porch! -

Very busy with #pompoms on the porch!

the kids were very busy with pompoms on the porch!

- ryan & gub

- night night! -

Night night!

it’s night night time!!!

- ryan & gub

- sesame street record player -

check out clementine's sweet #vintage #sesamestreet #recordplayer !!!

we were able to find this amazing vintage sesame street record player for clementine! she likes when her papa plays records in the kitchen, especially charley brown, so we thought it would be fun for her to have her own player.

this one was under $10 after shipping, so even it gets broken it’s not the worst thing in the world. we also grabbed some sweet sesame street book & record singles from the early 70s. you can find sets of them on ebay for around $7-$8. they are perfect for kids to scratch up and learn how to use a record player. clementine loves taking her records in and out of their sleeves and also dancing to the 70s intro song.

- ryan

- snack time -

- snack time -

don’t mind me, i’m just enjoying some cheerios.

- ryan & gub

- morning art project -

- morning art project -

from our instagram feed!

- ryan & gub

- breakfast on the porch -

- breakfast on the porch -

from our instagram feed!

- ryan & gub

- pallookaville fine foods -

not too long ago we tried pallookaville fine foods for the first time. it’s the new corn dog joint in avondale estates from jim stacy. you may recognize jim from his get delicious! show on public broadcasting atlanta, his appearances on the tonight show, or from his corn dog wagon around atlanta.

if you’re a fan of corn dogs, you’ll love this place! you pick the meat; from beef frank, polish kielbasa, italian sausage, or all three. (there’s even a pickle option for vegetarians.) you also pick the batter; from golden cornbread, jalapeƱo or cheese. the corn dogs are freshly dipped & fried per order and are 100% delicious! i went with the fryinstein to sample all three meats, but will probably just go with the beef frank next time.

pallookaville also has poutine tater tots or fries (with actual cheese curds), fried pickles, boiled peanuts, handcrafted sodas, shakes (including adult shakes), egg creams, cocktails (included spiced cider options) and many other treats. to say the least, they have plenty of tasty delights to choose from.

here is the menu for a more detailed list of their delicious crafty foods. for a limited time, they have a cadbury scotch egg, which consists of a cadbury egg, funnel caked with pine street bacon, bacon whipped cream and salted caramel!!! sounds delicious!

we will definitely be heading back to pallookaville!

- ryan

pallookaville fine foods

17 north avondale road
avondale estates, ga 30002


- spring hammock days -

instagram styles

it’s finally spring!!! to celebrate, we brought back out our hammock. they’ve grown so much from last years photo.

- ryan & gub