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May 2011
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- nursery transformation: week eleven -

so… we ended up putting the crib back under the window where we had it in the very beginning. it leaves more open space in the center of the room, which we think will be better.

we also got a new hanging lamp for the corner over the file cabinet, which brightens the room quite a bit without having to use the overhead light.

we have reclaimed gub’s art supply storage cart (really a shop tool cart) and will be using it as a changing table. we had to find a smaller changing table pad than the standard size, but it seems like it will work well and we can store diapers below and supplies in the drawer.

the new arrival will be sleeping in our room for a while in this cradle that’s been in gub’s family for over 40 years. her great aunt joanie originally bought it for her cousins and gub and her brother both used it when they were babies. gub’s mom refurbished it a bit and we’ve got it all set-up and waiting….

- gub & ryan

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