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August 2013
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archive for August, 2013

- grey & luigi the frog -

i recently came across some photos of grey and his blabla friend hanging in his crib! they are similar to the cute photos of clem and the gang when she was a baby.

here are some other blabla photos with the kids.

- ryan & gub

- washed out paracosm -

the new washed out album paracosm came out today via sub pop records. for those interested, you can find a super limited loser edition on green vinyl with a free bonus 7″ at your local independent record store (ie. criminal records & decatur cd). the LP & 7″ also include digital downloads, so it’s quite the deal!

- ryan

- standing man -

grey started pulling himself up on tables and chairs and cruising around! it’s only a matter of time before he starts walking now, yikes!

- ryan & gub

- starbucks handcrafted sodas -

i recently tried out starbucks new line of handcrafted sodas. i had a buy-one-get-one free coupon, so i sampled both the spiced root beer and the golden ginger ale.

i would have to say i was unimpressed. the sodas were light on carbonation, so they tasted a little flat from the get go. more carbonation would definitely have helped. the spiced root beer was a little too spicy and not enough root beer tasting and the golden ginger ale was a little bland.

i like the idea of a handcrafted soda made without corn syrup, however i doubt i’d order one from starbucks again.

- ryan

- yuengling bbq sauce -

last time we were in north carolina i was able to find yuengling bbq sauce. food lion carried a few varieties made with different yuengling brews. there was regular (lager), honey (black & tan) and hickory smoked (porter).

unfortunately, i only grabbed one bottle of the regular sauce to use while on vacation. it was quite tasty, but i have yet to find any more since being back in atlanta. i guess the line of sauces is pretty new and only available in certain markets. next time i’ll get more than one bottle!

- ryan

- kiki’s delivery service -

clementine has become a big fan of kiki’s delivery service. it’s an older animation from hayao myazaki & studio ghibli, who created my neighbor totoro and ponyo, which clementine also loves.

the main character kiki is a witch who makes deliveries by flying on her broomstick. clementine now tries to ‘fly high’ like kiki on her little broom and gets super frustrated when she can’t get off the ground!

it’s adorable to say the least.

- ryan & gub

- new mural -

i drove by this mural the other day and thought it looked like an old disney animation cell!

- ryan

- julianna’s coffee & crepes -

there is a new crepe & coffee shop in inman park called julianna’s. it’s in the basement of a 110+ year old home and features a quant little setting for some caffeine and sweets. besides crepes, julianna’s also serves dancing goats coffee and sells local goodies, including handmade soaps from mama and local jams & jellies!

i wouldn’t say it was the best crepe i’ve ever had, but julianna’s has a super cute atmosphere and is a great option if you are craving some sweets!

- ryan

julianna’s coffee & crepes

775 lake avenue ne,
atlanta, ga 30307


- prince avalanche soundtrack -

the prince avalanche soundtrack came out today with new music from david wingo (aka ola podrida) & explosions in the sky. for those interested, you can find a limited white vinyl version of the soundtrack at your local independent record store (ie. criminal records & decatur cd). it comes in a gatefold sleeve and features a pretty sweet design from temporary residence. the LP also includes the digital download and a sticker!

- ryan

- insta-vintage -

we’ve been having some fun taking instagram photos of grey recently! here’s one from pool day.

- ryan & gub