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July 2014
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archive for 'reuse'

- ponce city market update -

ponce city market - photo by: ryan sterritt

looks like ponce city market is moving along!

- ryan & gub

- dancing goats & ponce city market -

there’s a new dancing goats in town with a huge porch and a small, but appetizing, lunch menu! it’s also the first business to open at ponce city market, atlanta’s exciting new city project from the creators of the chelsea market in nyc.

ponce city market is the largest adaptive reuse project in atlanta’s history! the massive project involves restoring the historic sears, roebuck & co building in the old forth ward with lots of new restaurants, businesses, residences and surrounding parks. as of now the plan is to open spring 2014.

take the virtual tour!

- ryan

dancing goats ponce city market

675 north avenue
atlanta, ga 30308


- diy shed renovation -

gub’s mom converted an old playground in her backyard into a super cute gardening shed! it was a gradual renovation, but it turned out great. we were impressed with her clever re-use of the playground, which hadn’t been used in ages. here are some photos of the process!

- ryan & gub

- nursery transformation: week eleven -

so… we ended up putting the crib back under the window where we had it in the very beginning. it leaves more open space in the center of the room, which we think will be better.

we also got a new hanging lamp for the corner over the file cabinet, which brightens the room quite a bit without having to use the overhead light.

we have reclaimed gub’s art supply storage cart (really a shop tool cart) and will be using it as a changing table. we had to find a smaller changing table pad than the standard size, but it seems like it will work well and we can store diapers below and supplies in the drawer.

the new arrival will be sleeping in our room for a while in this cradle that’s been in gub’s family for over 40 years. her great aunt joanie originally bought it for her cousins and gub and her brother both used it when they were babies. gub’s mom refurbished it a bit and we’ve got it all set-up and waiting….

- gub & ryan

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- nursery transformation: week seven -

we had big ambitions for this weekend, but things went a bit slower than we had hoped… it always seems to work that way.

anyway, we did manage to tackle the shelves. ryan installed them several years ago, but the paint on the brackets needed to be touched up and they hadn’t ever been sanded or finished. so, that’s what we worked on… here are some “in progress” shots. they are still drying, so installation shots are forthcoming.

- gub & ryan

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- reuse your growlers -

have any growlers from a brewpub or other large bottles sitting around your house? try filling them with various vinegars or cleaning products like bleach to get more use out of them! we had a few empty ones taking up space in our kitchen so we decided to find another purpose for these cool bottles. our growlers were just collecting dust anyways since georgia doesn’t allow brewpubs to refill them. lame.

- ryan & gub

- horseshoe pit makeover -

we noticed our horseshoe pits were looking rough recently, so we decided to give them a face-lift. we started by getting rid of the weeds and adding more sand. that alone made a huge difference. then we spray painted the poles bright colors, we went with blue and red, and topped it all off by adding our bottle cap collection.

we’ve been saving bottle caps for years, although we never really found the right use for them. gub has fond memories of her grandparents general store where they threw caps from soda bottles out front for gravel. the rusty gravel must have made an impression on her, we’ve been saving bottle caps since i’ve known her.

we’re excited to find a new use for our bottle caps! it’s gratifying to reuse something that could easily be thrown away. we plan on filling our pits a good bit more, our collection seemed a lot bigger inside the house. we are going to ask our local bartender to save bottle caps for us to help the cause.

- ryan