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August 2011
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archive for August, 2011

- here i am lately -

here are some recent photos of clementine!

- ryan & gub

- gulp -

check out gulp, it’s an amazing stop motion animation by sumo science at aardman! the filming broke a world record for the ‘largest stop-motion animation set’, with scenes stretching over 11,000 square feet. it was shot entirely on a nokia n8 camera phone, which is impressive as well. you can watch a making-of video here.

- ryan

- clementine press -

clementine worked great as a printing press! we wanted to stamp her hands and feet in her baby book and decided to make a few cards while the ink was wet. they turned out really cute!

- ryan & gub

- mythic creatures -

clementine recently went to the fernbank museum of natural history for the first time. it’s never too early for some fun with science! we are very fortunate that this amazing museum is only a couple of miles from our house. now that we have a family membership, we will be there all the time!

fernbank has some impressive dinosaur fossils as you enter the main building. they are on par with those in jurassic park. there are also lots of amazing dioramas in the permanent exhibitions and a special exhibition area with rotating exhibits.

mythic creatures was the current special exhibit and was really awesome! it covered various mythic beings, from dragons to the lochness monster to bigfoot to unicorns, and tried to explain their possible scientific origins. although clem was probably too small to fully enjoy the exhibit, we could tell she had a blast! the bright colors on the various creatures were definitely eye candy for her.

be sure to check out our previous post on the fernbank planetarium, which is only a few streets over from the natural history museum.

- ryan & gub

fernbank museum of natural history

767 clifton rd ne
atlanta, ga 30307


- clem & the gang -

clementine had some crib time with her blabla friends! aren’t they the cutest?

- ryan & gub

- 2011 brew free or die ipa -

i recently had the 2011 brew free or die ipa by 21st amendment brewery. as far as i can tell, it’s the same tasty ipa with just a new design. be sure to check out my review on the 2010 brew free or die from last summer!

as i mentioned a few days ago, i totally appreciate great beer design! check out recent posts on the revamp of red hook and the new hell or high watermelon design.

- ryan

21st amendment brewery

563 2nd street
san francisco, ca 94107


- throwback doritos -

i am a sucker for throwback products, especially when they feature vintage package design and original recipes. the latest one that got me was the retro doritos. i’d have to say the flavor was more along the lines of generic doritos, which is a little less overwhelming than current ones, but i definitely thought they were quite tasty. the sombrero and color choices were also a plus!

- ryan

- 2011 watermelon wheat -

the 2011 hell or high watermelon wheat bear is out and as tasty as i remembered! it’s the summer seasonal by 21st amendment brewery out of san francisco. the packaging and cans have a new design this year and it’s just as impressive as last years. i appreciate beer companies that take the extra effort with great design! red hook brewery also had a recent revamp of their package design.

check out our write-up on the 2010 hell or high watermelon from last summer!

- ryan

21st amendment brewery

563 2nd street
san francisco, ca 94107