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July 2014
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- taproom coffee -

taproom - photo by: ryan sterritt

we are so excited that a great coffee shop opened up in downtown kirkwood! taproom coffee opened it’s doors a couple of weeks ago and is the perfect addition to our neighborhood. they serve specialty coffee, craft beer and snack foods (including charcuterie boards from spotted trotter, soft pretzels from holeman & finch and delicious pastries from mae’s bakery.)

the location is very spacious and comfortable. the vintage seating and lighting works well with the reclaimed wood and soft color palette. it was a definitely a relaxing environment for drinking coffee and/or beer.

taproom coffee started as a kickstarter project from the guy who ran the espresso bar at empire state south. we feel very fortunate they chose kirkwood to open up such a cool place. taproom is open from 7am to 10pm and serves counter culture coffee along with a rotating list of 12 craft beers on draft.

on a side note, i had never had a cortado until visiting taproom. i have to say it was one of the better coffee drinks i’ve had! it’s espresso cut with milk, so similar to a cappuccino but less milk. it was quite tasty and highly recommended!

- ryan

taproom coffee

1963 hosea l williams drive ne r106
atlanta, ga 30317


- cheesesteaks & beer -

i just read that woody’s famous philadelphia cheesesteaks is now serving sweetwater 420 on tap! eating a cheesesteak or super sub with a 420 draft on woody’s huge wrap-around porch sounds like the perfect spring afternoon!

be sure to check out our previous post on woody’s.

- ryan

woody’s famous philadelphia cheesesteaks

981 monroe drive northeast
atlanta, ga 30308


- the decatur craft beer festival -

i ended up going to the decatur craft beer festival this year with my buddy willy! there were lots of great beer for the tasting, although it’s always a gamble drinking that much between noon and 5pm on a saturday. i know it’s boring, but my highlights were sierra nevada’s northern hemisphere harvest and estate homegrown ale on tap!

- ryan

- back in the saddle -

i recently spent a nice fall afternoon brewing a couple batches of beer with some friends! it had been awhile since i’ve brewed, so i was excited to get back into the swing of things.

we made a bell’s two hearted clone and a pumpkin amber, although we had to substitute some ingredients on the two hearted. the ipa ended up being 9.6% (wohoo!) and the pumpkin amber a respectable 5.2%!

here is the bottle rocket brewing website if you want to check out previous beers i’ve been a part of.

- ryan

brewing recipes:

pumpkin amber ingredients:
5-8 large okra sliced

egg wash:
1 lb pale ale 2-row
1 lb caramel/crystal malt (10l)
6.6 lbs amber sparkling lme
2 oz willamette pellet hops
1/2 oz fuggles hops (dry hop)
wyeast 1098 british ale
2 tbsp pumpkin spice (2 tsp dry hop)

two hearted clone ingredients:
1 lb pale ale 2-row
1/2 lb munich
1/2 lb carapils
6.6 lbs golden light lme
2.3 lbs pilsen light lme
4 oz amarillo hops (centinnial was the hop we wanted)
1 oz cascade hops (dry hop)
white labs high gravity yeast

- 2011 brew free or die ipa -

i recently had the 2011 brew free or die ipa by 21st amendment brewery. as far as i can tell, it’s the same tasty ipa with just a new design. be sure to check out my review on the 2010 brew free or die from last summer!

as i mentioned a few days ago, i totally appreciate great beer design! check out recent posts on the revamp of red hook and the new hell or high watermelon design.

- ryan

21st amendment brewery

563 2nd street
san francisco, ca 94107


- 2011 watermelon wheat -

the 2011 hell or high watermelon wheat bear is out and as tasty as i remembered! it’s the summer seasonal by 21st amendment brewery out of san francisco. the packaging and cans have a new design this year and it’s just as impressive as last years. i appreciate beer companies that take the extra effort with great design! red hook brewery also had a recent revamp of their package design.

check out our write-up on the 2010 hell or high watermelon from last summer!

- ryan

21st amendment brewery

563 2nd street
san francisco, ca 94107


- long hammer ipa -

red hook brewery recently revamped their graphic and bottle design and i’m digging it! the bottles are now more rounded and look like stretched out red stripe bottles. the graphic design is also greatly improved and features a screenprinted look with a much simpler, yet catchy design. take a look for yourself, but to me these bottles stand out way more than they used to on the beer aisle.

in case you were worried, long hammer is still the same ipa you know and love, it just has a new look. it’s a light bodied, full tasting ipa, brewed with cascade and willamette hops for that great floral aroma and flavor. it’s not my favorite ipa out there, but it is a tasty one!

- ryan

red hook brewery

14300 northeast 145th street
woodinville, wa 98072


- strawberry harvest lager -

i just tried strawberry harvest lager by abita beer out of abita springs, la. i’m not always the biggest fan of fruity beers, especially ones with artificial tasting flavors, but i can definitely go along with a springtime ale featuring a natural fruity taste though.

with bottle rocket brewing, we brewed an orange cream ale in the spring and a watermelon wheat in the summer with fresh pureed fruit. they totally hit the spot on warm afternoon and the results were always awesome!

so to say the least, i was intrigued by abita’s new beer brewed with fresh louisiana strawberries. in the end, i’d say it was just all right though. it didn’t knock my socks off, or maybe i just had high hopes. it was fairly mild, but not as natural as i thought. i don’t buy fruity beers that often, so i doubt i will buy it again. if i’m craving fruity, i’ll probably go with sweetwater blue, which really hits the spot.

- ryan

abita beer

21084 louisiana 36
abita springs, la 70433


- torpedo extra ipa -

have you ever tried torpedo extra ipa by sierra nevada? it’s a tasty ipa that stays in my rotation of go-to beers. i don’t think it’s quite up to par with bell’s two hearted or heavy seas loose cannon, but it is an ipa that i am always up for drinking! the torpedo has a strong citrus hop flavor and aroma, mostly from being brewed with whole-cone hops. it also hits 7.2% abv, so it packs a punch as well.

according to the the packaging, the torpedo was dry-hopped using a hop-tornado, a brewing tool sierra nevada designed and built. it’s described as a “sleek, stainless-steel piece of hardware that delivers more pure hop aroma than any method of dry-hopping we’ve ever seen.” they claim this is how their beers have such great hop characteristics. based on their hoppy beers, i believe it!

for an ipa you might not have tried before, go with the torpedo extra ipa!

- ryan

sierra nevada

1075 east 20th street
chico, ca 95928


- bottle rocket brewing -

once upon a time, my buddy willy and i brewed quite a bit of beer under the name bottle rocket brewing. we hosted gatherings where we grilled out and shared our beer with friends. summertime favorites were our watermelon wheat and orange cream ale, both went quickly when we had them on tap.

most of our friends also chipped in and designed labels for our beers. the labels were a big part of the fun we had! you can see all of the different label designs on the bottle rocket website, or flip through them here.

although it’s been awhile since i’ve brewed, i hope to get back to brewing soon!

- ryan