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August 2014
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archive for 'wheels'

- southeastern railway museum -

we took the kids to a recent trains, trucks and tractor event at the southeastern railway museum in duluth and had a blast! there were historic pullman and u.s. mail trains to explore (including one used by president harding), elaborate toy train sets for viewing, actual restored locomotive and two-passenger trains for riding and our favorite part of the museum, a marta bus graveyard!

the bus graveyard was awesome! they had different busses on display from the 40s through 90s. there were a few different incarnations of orange colored busses that were especially great. i wish they would go back to the vintage design! you could even explore the interiors of the different busses. the kids liked running up and down the aisles and sitting on the driver’s seat.

besides the busses, there were also big hangers with historic trains you could explore as well as a museum filled with old train sets. we also rode on both the restored locomotive and the two-passenger trains! they took you on a nice tour of the 35 acre site, although the train whistle was a little loud for the kids.

all-in-all, the southeastern railway museum was a ton of fun. we definitely plan on going back when grey is a little older!

- ryan

southeastern railway museum

3595 buford highway,
duluth, georgia 30096


- wienermobile -

we recently saw an oscar mayer wienermobile while in athens!!! they were handing out hot dog coupons and whistles!

- ryan & gub

- austin-healey sprite -

we had an austin-healey sprite for a prop car on a recent commercial and boy was it beautiful! the headlights gave it a cartoon face that totally reminded me of speed buggy. of course i hopped in for a photo, although my legs barely fit under the steering wheel. it made my mini cooper seem gigantic.

- ryan

- goonie bird -

look at this amazing bus i saw recently!

- ryan

- airstream trailer -

gub and i both hold a special place in our hearts for airstream trailers. we have grand ideas of using one for a guest house or opening a design boutique in one some day. in the meantime though, we mainly just get excited whenever we see one. here is a great airstream i saw recently!

- ryan & gub

- lamborghini -

i got to see my first lamborghini in person this week while working in senoia, ga! besides maybe metal detectors, lamborghini’s were definitely one of my biggest childhood fascinations.

- ryan

- a three hour tour -

inspired by gob from arrested development, i got ryan a gift certificate to go on a segway tour of atlanta for valentines day in 2008. with the certificate expiring soon, we went ahead and booked our 10 am tour during the winter blast of 2010. we bundled ourselves up and headed out on a three hour tour…

after the initial awkwardness, the segways were pretty easy to operate and really fun! the smirk, smile or laugh on people’s faces as you whizzed by was pretty hilarious. we felt futuristic! although we wish it hadn’t been soooo cold, it was pretty fun to spend the morning exploring our own city on a weird motorized personal transporter.

- words by gub & photos by ryan