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September 2011
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archive for September, 2011

- blabla rattle -

clementine got a new blabla rattle that she loves! check out her fun pink skeleton outfit as well!

- ryan & gub

- peppers & tomatoes -

our bell peppers and tomatoes are going crazy right now! between the squirrels and crazy summer heat, we haven’t had a very productive garden this year. however, recent rains have brought new life and we have a ton of peppers and tomatoes growing!

- ryan & gub

- my pink chucks -

clementine started fitting into her shoes! she looks so cute in them!

- ryan & gub

- colorful fun -

here are some fun colorful photos from fernbank! based on the results, it’s kind of a ‘make-your-own indie-rock album cover’ activity!

- ryan & gub

- delia’s chicken sausage stand -

i recently tried delia’s chicken sausage stand for the first time and loved it! this east atlanta restaurant is the new adventure of delia champion, who was the mastermind behind the flying biscuit cafe.

delia’s is known for its slingers and sliders, which are both very tasty. the slingers are their signature creation, which consist of a jumbo homemade local sausage link on a holeman & finch hoagie roll with various toppings. i went with the gunn slinger, which had guacamole, salsa, “comeback” sauce and jalapeƱos. for non-meat eaters, you can order the slingers vegetarian-style.

i also tried the double d delight slider, which was great, although completely over the top. it had a grilled krispy kreme donut as the bun, with chicken sausage patties and cherry cream cheese in the middle. next time i would go without the cream cheese though. for those of you who remember mulligan’s in oakhurst, it was reminiscent of their luther burger, which was a bacon cheeseburger on a grilled krispy kreme.

although i didn’t try one, i’ve heard great things about their cake milkshakes as well. they are handmade with ice-cream and either a piece of cake or a cupcake thrown in, depending on the flavor of the week. sounds amazing!

delia’s hand-crafted sausage uses locally sourced chicken and spices and is made in small batches to ensure quality. they are open all night on friday and saturday’s and serve breakfast anytime as well, which is perfect for east atlanta!

check out their menu!

- ryan

delia’s chicken sausage stand

489 moreland avenue
atlanta, ga 30316


- diy shed renovation -

gub’s mom converted an old playground in her backyard into a super cute gardening shed! it was a gradual renovation, but it turned out great. we were impressed with her clever re-use of the playground, which hadn’t been used in ages. here are some photos of the process!

- ryan & gub

- canoe trip -

we recently went on a canoeing adventure while in columbia, sc! neither of us had been in ages, so it was a lot of fun. after living in florida for a good part of my life, it was nice to canoe without having to worry about alligators.

- ryan & gub

- woody’s famous philadelphia cheese steaks -

if you are craving a great cheesesteak or a nice big hoagie, stroll on down to woody’s famous philadelphia cheesesteaks! i recently had one of their super subs and was reminded how amazing this hidden treasure was. besides their tasty food, woody’s also has a huge wrap-around porch for nice outdoor eating and barq’s root beer on tap! you can’t go wrong!

- ryan

woody’s famous philadelphia cheesesteaks

981 monroe drive northeast
atlanta, ga 30308


- lightning in a bottle -

i was messing around with a plasma ball at fernbank and took this photo. i loved these things when i was a kid! gub thinks the photo could be a journey album cover!

- ryan

- latte art –

i appreciate coffee shops that take the extra effort to create artwork with their coffee drinks. here are some photos from dancing goats, octane coffee and west egg cafe. octane even hosts latte art competitions called thursday night throw down!

- ryan