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July 2014
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tag: ryan

- redemption straight rye whiskey -

i've been digging the straight #ryewhiskey from #redemptionrye !!! it's very tasty! #rye #whiskey

i’ve been sampling different rye whiskies as of late. after trying bulleit and 13th colony, i went with redemption rye whiskey. off the bat, i wasn’t impressed with the design of the bottle. the hand-numbered batch was a nice touch, but the metal screw cap was a big turn off. i was, however, recommended their rye by both employees and random patrons on five consecutive trips to green’s beverage, so i decided it was time to try it out.

like bulleit, redemption straight rye is distilled from 95% premium rye mash and aged for 2 years in new charred oak barrels. at 92 proof, it has a little more bite than bulleit, but it is still super smooth. for only $23.99, it definitely gives bulleit a run for it’s money for best value.

back to the bottle design. if i were headed to a party or giving this as a gift (ie. cared about a nice presentation), i would probably go with bulleit or 13th colony. those bottle designs are much more fun and have better counter appeal.

on the other hand, if you are looking to get a gift for a big rye fan, redemption is a great choice they may not have tried. it’s very tasty, and for the price, i know i will be going back to this brand.

- ryan

- 13th colony southern rye whiskey -

as previously mentioned, i’ve been on a big rye kick recently. after moving beyond bulleit, the next rye i tried was southern rye whiskey by 13th colony. i’ll say up front that it definitely had the best designed bottle i’ve come across! i’m keeping this one around for future uses.

i was intrigued that 13th colony was from americus, georgia. to many, including the employee at green’s, the fact that this whiskey came from georgia was a deterrent. i was excited though to see what was being distilled in my own state and was impressed! it was a little darker in color and had more bite (95 proof) than bulleit, but it was still smooth. pouring drinks out of the bottle was an added bonus. the old-fashioned design made it feel like it’s own decanter.

the only downside to the 13th colony rye was it’s price. at $28.99, it’s not the most expensive around, however i don’t know if i enjoyed it that much more than cheaper options like redemption or bulleit.

- ryan

- bulleit rye -

i’ve been on a big rye whiskey kick recently. it’s become fairly popular over the last few years. liquor store shelves are now loaded with small batch options in atlanta. i’m by no means a connoisseur, but i do enjoy drinking some rye on the rocks with a little lime, and i also appreciate a well designed bottle for the full experience.

the first rye i remember trying was from bulleit, which is actually still one of my go-to brands. i was working at a food & wine festival and bulleit had a booth giving away samples of their new rye. they were promoting that it was made from 95% rye-mash, which was the highest on the market at the time. i was told to picture rye bread while drinking it and then to picture corn bread while sampling their bourbon. i was definitely able to taste the spicy versus sweet distinction.

to some, bulleit rye is not aged long enough and lacks some bite, but i really enjoy it. it’s very smooth (90 proof), comes in a classy bottle, but most importantly, it’s also affordable. you can find it for $24.99 at green’s beverage in atlanta, which makes it an easy bottle to restock.

in general, american whiskeys are classified by the type of grain being distilled. rye is distilled from at least 51% rye grain, while bourbon is distilled from at least 51% corn. check out my post from a few years ago for more information on bourbons.

- ryan

- hurry hard -

i recently went curling with a couple of friends at the atlanta curling club. they host open sessions at the marietta ice center where you can learn to curl or play full games if you are experienced.

i went for a basic learning session and had a blast! i learned how to keep score, how to balance and deliver a stone with a curl, and how to sweep a stone into the house. they also went over the basic rules & terms, as well as the positions of a curling team. i can’t wait to head back and play an actual game!

- ryan

atlanta curling club

4880 lower roswell road
marietta, ga 30068


- almost spring -

almost spring

spring is almost here!

- ryan

- sunrise -

instagram styles

sunrise at the gates of netherworld.

- ryan

- washed out paracosm -

the new washed out album paracosm came out today via sub pop records. for those interested, you can find a super limited loser edition on green vinyl with a free bonus 7″ at your local independent record store (ie. criminal records & decatur cd). the LP & 7″ also include digital downloads, so it’s quite the deal!

- ryan

- starbucks handcrafted sodas -

i recently tried out starbucks new line of handcrafted sodas. i had a buy-one-get-one free coupon, so i sampled both the spiced root beer and the golden ginger ale.

i would have to say i was unimpressed. the sodas were light on carbonation, so they tasted a little flat from the get go. more carbonation would definitely have helped. the spiced root beer was a little too spicy and not enough root beer tasting and the golden ginger ale was a little bland.

i like the idea of a handcrafted soda made without corn syrup, however i doubt i’d order one from starbucks again.

- ryan

- yuengling bbq sauce -

last time we were in north carolina i was able to find yuengling bbq sauce. food lion carried a few varieties made with different yuengling brews. there was regular (lager), honey (black & tan) and hickory smoked (porter).

unfortunately, i only grabbed one bottle of the regular sauce to use while on vacation. it was quite tasty, but i have yet to find any more since being back in atlanta. i guess the line of sauces is pretty new and only available in certain markets. next time i’ll get more than one bottle!

- ryan

- new mural -

i drove by this mural the other day and thought it looked like an old disney animation cell!

- ryan