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August 2014
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- clue town books: oakland cemetery -

clue town oakland cemetery - photo by: angela nichols

for my birthday, we got a babysitter and tried out our first scavenger hunt from clue town books. we had a blast for sure! we started out at the republic for some cocktails before walking over to historic oakland cemetery for our adventure.

for those of you who are unfamiliar with clue town, they are these great scavenger hunt books from local kirkwood resident jay carlson. the books come with a compass, a little pencil, and lots of puzzles to solve along the way. he has released 4 books so far, including: piedmont park, oakland cemetery, downtown decatur, and the beltline eastside trail. the scavenger hunts take roughly 60-90 minutes to complete, depending on which one you go with.

for our first clue town adventure, we went with the historic oakland cemetery. the hunt took us about an hour and a half, which was longer than the 60 minute estimate. we took our time strolling through the historic atlanta site however, soaking in our rare outing away from the kids. the puzzles were challenging at times, but definitely fun and not too hard. the compass was used quite a bit as well, which added to the experience!

although we didn’t bring our kids, the oakland cemetery hunt definitely seemed kid-friendly. everything was self-contained within the cemetery walls and parking was close and free, so it would be an easy scavenger hunt to try out with the kids.

you can buy clue town books directly from jay at most atlanta festivals, or you can find them at select atlanta shops, including: the beehive, youngblood boutique, heliotrope, oakland cemetery gift shop and the high museum of art gift shop.

up next for us is piedmont park, we can’t wait! we are going to try it out with clementine and grey!

- ryan & gub

historic oakland cemetery

248 oakland avenue se
atlanta, ga 30312


the republic

437 c memorial drive se
atlanta, ga 30312


- more from lake rabun -

here are some some more photos from our recent camping trip at lake rabun.

- ryan & gub

lake rabun recreation area

1963 hosea l williams drive ne r106
lakemont, ga 30552


- elmyriachi -

we recently tried out elmyriachi for the first time. it’s the new tex-mex restaurant in downtown kirkwood from the people who run el myr in little five points. they renovated the old mrs winners and added a huge outdoor patio. it looks awesome, you would have no idea it had chicken & biscuit roots.

we enjoyed our outing! their chimichangas were exceptionally tasty, and they had a decent beer and cocktail menu to go along. we ate out on the patio, which was great! it was very spacious with plenty of seating and had a big screen playing the world cup, which was a bonus. all in all, it was a pleasant summer evening. we most definitely will be going back.

quick note, we did not realize the patio allowed smoking. a couple of guys at the table behind us started to smoke, however they saw we had kids and moved to the other side of the patio. so for those interested, there was a family-friendly atmosphere.

check out their menu.

- ryan & gub


1950 hosea l williams drive ne
atlanta, ga 30317


- japanese calligraphy & paintings -

japanese calligraphy & paintings - photo by: angela nichols

we are excited about the new hiroshima international: exhibition of japanese calligraphy and paintings at the hudgens center for the arts! it opens wednesday, july 16th and is on view through september 27th.

- ryan & gub

hudgens center for the arts

6400 sugarloaf parkway #300
duluth, ga 30097


- outkast #atlast -

after playing 40+ festival dates without hitting atlanta, outkast finally announced a homecoming show at centennial olympic park this fall! they’ve been touring to “celebrate the 20th anniversary of their unique and influential sound.” we were lucky enough to get tickets this morning and are totally pumped.

not only did the show sell out in under an hour, outkast also added a second show and sold that out immediately. quite crazy! centennial olympic park can hold 40,000 people for concerts, so its impressive they sold out two shows so quickly.

- ryan & gub

- more from panther falls -

clem & gub at the falls - photo by: ryan sterritt

we finally made it to the falls!

- ryan & gub

lake rabun recreation area

1963 hosea l williams drive ne r106
lakemont, ga 30552


- welcome to panther falls -

panther falls father & son - photo by: angela nichols

we were able to go on a hike with both grey and clementine on our recent camping trip to lake rabun recreation area. the last time we went camping, grey was still a little too small for such activities. this time we just strapped him on my back and went to check out panther falls.

both the canopy hike and the waterfalls were quite beautiful! you definitely broke a sweat getting up there, but it was totally doable for kids. the cold water was also quite refreshing when we finally made it up there!

- ryan & gub

lake rabun recreation area

1963 hosea l williams drive ne r106
lakemont, ga 30552


- lake rabun campground -

lake rabun campground - photo by: ryan sterritt

we went on another camping trip with the kids and some friends. this time we headed to lake rabun recreation area, which was about two hours north of atlanta. the campground was very nice for sure! we stayed at group site that had plenty of room for ten families. there were clean bathrooms nearby, which was a huge plus. there were also trails to waterfalls, lake swimming and live bluegrass music on saturday night, so there was lots to do for sure.

the waterfalls were quite beautiful, however the beach at the lake was pretty weak. it was maybe ten feet deep and very cramped. the water was still quite nice though and had picturesque views. we dealt with some rain on saturday night, however we were fairly fortunate. our rain fly let a little water in through a seam, but it could have been way worse with the amount of rain that fell.

we would definitely head back to lake rabun recreation area! here is a map of the campground.

- ryan & gub

lake rabun recreation area

1963 hosea l williams drive ne r106
lakemont, ga 30552


- nobody writes them like they used to -

belle & sebastian just announced an atlanta date at the tabernacle on october 1st! wahoo!!! we are big fans and it’s been 11 years since they played atlanta, so we are thrilled. tickets went on sale this morning. check out the rest of their tour dates.

- ryan & gub

- cortado, cortado -

cortado, cortado - photo by: ryan sterritt

i had a delicous cortado this morning at the taproom. it’s my new favorite drink!

- ryan

taproom coffee

1963 hosea l williams drive ne r106
atlanta, ga 30317