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March 2014
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archive for March, 2014

- work helpers -

Got my helpers at work with me today!

got my helpers at work with me today!

- gub

- spring cherry blossoms -

#cherryblossoms #spring

our cherry blossom tree is in full bloom!

- ryan

- blank: a vinylmation love story -

have you seen blank: a vinylmation love story? it’s this great new stop motion animation created through a partnership between disney interactive and google. it’s 38 minutes and does not have any dialogue, however it’s very creative and surprisingly entertaining for both kids and adults. blank can be watched for free on google play. i highly recommend checking it out!!

google also has a bonus website to share frames of the film. once shared, you gain access to an extra short called cranes in love.

- ryan

- southeastern railway museum -

we took the kids to a recent trains, trucks and tractor event at the southeastern railway museum in duluth and had a blast! there were historic pullman and u.s. mail trains to explore (including one used by president harding), elaborate toy train sets for viewing, actual restored locomotive and two-passenger trains for riding and our favorite part of the museum, a marta bus graveyard!

the bus graveyard was awesome! they had different busses on display from the 40s through 90s. there were a few different incarnations of orange colored busses that were especially great. i wish they would go back to the vintage design! you could even explore the interiors of the different busses. the kids liked running up and down the aisles and sitting on the driver’s seat.

besides the busses, there were also big hangers with historic trains you could explore as well as a museum filled with old train sets. we also rode on both the restored locomotive and the two-passenger trains! they took you on a nice tour of the 35 acre site, although the train whistle was a little loud for the kids.

all-in-all, the southeastern railway museum was a ton of fun. we definitely plan on going back when grey is a little older!

- ryan

southeastern railway museum

3595 buford highway,
duluth, georgia 30096


- sand castles -

instagram styles

having fun at the beach!

- gub

- weeping spring -

#weepingcherry #spring

our weeping cherry tree has a ton of spring blossoms!

- ryan

- 13th colony southern rye whiskey -

as previously mentioned, i’ve been on a big rye kick recently. after moving beyond bulleit, the next rye i tried was southern rye whiskey by 13th colony. i’ll say up front that it definitely had the best designed bottle i’ve come across! i’m keeping this one around for future uses.

i was intrigued that 13th colony was from americus, georgia. to many, including the employee at green’s, the fact that this whiskey came from georgia was a deterrent. i was excited though to see what was being distilled in my own state and was impressed! it was a little darker in color and had more bite (95 proof) than bulleit, but it was still smooth. pouring drinks out of the bottle was an added bonus. the old-fashioned design made it feel like it’s own decanter.

the only downside to the 13th colony rye was it’s price. at $28.99, it’s not the most expensive around, however i don’t know if i enjoyed it that much more than cheaper options like redemption or bulleit.

- ryan

- gub & grey -

instagram styles

enjoying the beach!

- gub

- satellite beach -

instagram styles

melbourne, fl.

- gub

- florida! -


down in florida with the kids!

- gub