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February 2015
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archive for February, 2015

– need a califone? –

need a califone? - photo by: angela nichols

seriously. how many record players can one boy need?

– gub

– learning to write –

learning to write - photo by: angela nichols

clementine is learning to write her name. she’s doing so well!

– ryan & gub

– making valentines –

making valentines - photo by: angela nichols

the little kiddos made their valentine cards this evening! grey elected to wear his lion costume!

– ryan & gub

– terrible morning at the dentist –

terrible morning at the dentist - photo by: angela nichols

enjoyed having this sweet trooper with me at work all afternoon after a terrible morning at the dentist.

– gub

– it’s groundhog day! –

rise and shine campers, it’s groundhog day! we did not wake up at the crack of dawn this year and head to the yellow river game ranch for general beauregard lee’s prediction, but we still enjoyed our tradition of watching groundhog day. looks like the general did not see his shadow, so here’s to an early spring!

check out photos from our adventure last year.

– ryan & gub

– krispy kreme morning –

krispy kreme morning - photo by: ryan sterritt

here is another photo from our morning outing to krispy kreme!

– ryan & gub

– backsplash tiles –

backsplash tiles - photo by: angela nichols

here is a photo of the tiles from our backsplash, which we installed a few years ago!

– ryan & gub

– krispy kreme in our jammies –

krispy kreme morning - photo by: angela nichols

we took the kids to krispy kreme this morning for some delicious doughnuts this morning! grey and clementine stayed in their pajama, which they were pumped about. they also loved being able to watch the doughnuts being made.

– ryan & gub