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July 2014
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tag: garden

- homemade in kirkwood -

our friends ben & meredith brought us some delicious pickled goods they made from their garden this year! they included pickled peppers, okra, cucumbers, squash, green tomatoes, as well as jams and tomato sauces. we are so thrilled!

- ryan & gub

- pepper update -

GARDEN UPDATE: our bell peppers are finally coming along! it looks like we should have some full size peppers right around the corner.

- ryan & gub

- summer cucumbers -

GARDEN UPDATE: our cucumber plants have a ton of flowers on them! hopefully that means we will have lots of cucumbers on the horizon. we’ve only had a handful so far, and they’ve had pretty funky shapes.

- ryan & gub

- plenty o’ tomatoes -

GARDEN UPDATE: our tomato plants have been producing a ton of fruit this summer! they seem to love the heat and their new placement in our mailbox planters. our two mailbox plants have produced more tomatoes than we’ve had in years! we often pull them a little early and let them ripen in the windowsill.

- ryan & gub

- summer tomatoes -

our tomatoes are getting huge and starting to turn red! yay! we didn’t do our full garden in the back yard this summer. instead we planted some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and some basil in our front yard. our tomatoes are actually doing better than they have in a few years in our mailbox planters next to the street. we think it’s too close to the road for squirrels to want to mess with them!

- ryan & gub

- botanical animals -

there’s lots of fun wildlife to be seen at the atlanta botanical gardens. between birds, frogs, fish and more, you are bound to bump into something crawling around.

the botanical gardens also have various day-plans on their website to keep your visits new and interesting, which is really cool. they range from whether you are visiting with kids, a family, or a date, to whether you want to see birds, crawling critters or carnivorous plants. they even have plans for checking out the gardens at night, in an hour, or via scavenger hunt. they sure went all out to ensure you have fun!

check out our recent post on their spring orchids.

- ryan & gub

atlanta botanical gardens

1345 piedmont avenue northeast
atlanta, ga 30309


- spring orchids -

we just became members at the atlanta botanical gardens and totally love it! there’s lots to do and see, especially with this beautiful spring weather. it’s the perfect place to go on walks with clementine, including on the new canopy walk.

the orchid house is really amazing, you should check it out while everything is still in bloom! there are way more varieties than i expected, including lots of exotic colors and sizes. the misty, tropical atmosphere in the orchid house made you forget you were in middle of the city. i kept thinking of the movie adaptation while walking through the rare display of orchids.

last month was my first time ever to the gardens, i’m not sure why it took so many years to check it out. if you’ve never been, you should definitely make a trip before it gets too hot.

- ryan

atlanta botanical gardens

1345 piedmont avenue northeast
atlanta, ga 30309


- collard greens cook-off -

today is the first day of the east lake farmers market, which runs on saturdays from 9am to 1pm. it’s open through october and can be found at the corner of 2nd avenue and hosea williams drive in the east lake/kirkwood area. the market features lots of local farmers selling fruit, vegetables, eggs, salsas and all sorts of other stuff.

to kick off the season, today is the third annual collard greens cook-off! you can sample great collards from both top local chefs and amateur neighborhood cooks.

see you there!

- ryan & gub

east lake farmers market

2nd avenue and hosea williams drive
atlanta, ga 30317

9am – 1pm
april – october

- seasonal bulbs -

gub planted some daffodil bulbs right before clementine was born. she acquired a bucket full of them from a pottery student at the art center, so she planted them in our backyard.

this spring they finally bloomed when clementine was 9 months old!

- ryan & gub

- mystical garden -

i tried filming time lapse of one of those mystical gardens earlier this week. it looked pretty cool, although it took way longer than expected. the box claims everything would finish within 10 hours, however after 24+ hours, 10,000+ photos and 3 camera battery changes, the mystical garden was still growing and we had to leave for the holidays. maybe it was too cold in our house or something, but it sure took forever.

- ryan