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November 2014
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archive for November, 2014

– we picked a good one! –

We picked a good one!

we headed back to kinsey family farms this year for our annual cutting down of the christmas tree tradition! the kids had a blast, as expected.

– ryan & gub

kinsey family farms

7170 jot-em down road
gainesville, ga 30506


– to grandmother’s house we go… –

grams bound - photo by: angela nichols

we are off to grams’s house for thanksgiving!

– ryan & gub

– icy morning –

icy morning - photo by: ryan sterritt

i woke up to a frozen windshield this morning! it was my first ice scraping of the season. it’s way too early to be this cold!

– ryan

– turning two –

it’s pretty crazy to us that grey is already two years old! it seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. for this special occasion, we brought cupcakes and party hats to his school to celebrate with his classmates. it was super cute!

later in the evening, we took the kids out for some pizza at avellinos, which was super tasty by the way, before heading home for more cupcakes. as you would have expected, grey was all smiles and had a blast!

– ryan & gub

– more from halloween –

here are some more photos of the kids from halloween this year! in case you missed our earlier post, grey went as totoro from my neighbor totoro and clementine went as princess leia. we were secretly excited when clementine decided to go as leia instead of elsa from frozen!

be sure to check out clementines class photo below as well. they were all dressed up and looked adorable.

– ryan & gub

– veterans day –

veterans day - photo by: ryan sterritt

on my way to work this morning i passed a field of flags that had really great sunlight shining across them. of course i had to pull over and take some photos!

– ryan

– fall maple –

fall maple - photo by: ryan sterritt

the maple tree in our backyard has beautiful fall leaves! this is the first year it really turned bright colors, wahoo!!!

– ryan & gub

– i’m a georgia voter –

i'm a georgia voter - photo by: ryan sterritt

did you vote today?

– ryan & gub

– mineral reunion –

mineral reunion - photo by: ryan sterritt

i went and saw mineral last night at the masquerade in atlanta. they rocked it out for sure, i couldn’t believe they sounded so good after not touring since 1997! i still have vivid memories of seeing them play in tampa and gainesville, florida on their farewell tour with the get up kids and jejune.

although they definitely looked older, mineral’s music still held up and sounded amazing live. it was exciting to see them play songs from endserenading as well. they had broken up before the album was released in 1998 and did not play those songs live back in the day.

on a side note, hot water music played upstairs at the masquerade last night as well. i was able to check them out after mineral played. i don’t know much of their music after their first few albums though, so i didn’t stay too long. it still felt like a fun florida-hardcore evening seeing those two bands play!

– ryan

– totoro & princess leia –

totoro & princess leia - photo by: ryan sterritt

the kids costumes were pretty awesome this year! gub did some fine work. grey was totoro from my neighbor totoro and clementine was princess leia. the kids have been way into the original star wars movie as of late.

– ryan & gub