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March 2015
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archive for March, 2015

– new glasses –

new glasses - photo by: ryan sterritt

grey sporting his new glasses!!!

– ryan & gub

– spring daffodils –

spring daffodils - photo by: ryan sterritt

our daffodils were recently blooming and looking awesome! these are the same bulbs that we planted before clementine was born!

– ryan & gub

– spring blossoms –

spring is in the air! - photo by: ryan sterritt

spring is in the air! the cherry blossom trees in our yard have been amazing the last week or so. this was definitely the most blooms we’ve had yet!

– ryan & gub

– hanging with papa –

hanging with papa - photo by: ryan sterritt

grey had a blast looking at all of the dinosaurs at fernbank museum of natural history with his papa!

– ryan

fernbank museum of natural history

767 clifton rd ne
atlanta, ga 30307


– templeton rye –

a buddy recently gave me a bottle of templeton rye. it’s a very tasty rye whiskey that comes in a class bottle you’ll want to keep on the front of your bar! the design is not quite as cool as 13th colony bottle design, but it’s on par.

legend has it, templeton rye was al capone’s drink of choice and popular at speakeasies during prohibition. although the legitimacy of their story has recently been called into question. besides all of that, the rye was very smooth and enjoyable. it has a dark amber color and a good bit of spiciness.

the only drawback to templeton is it’s only 80 proof, which is similar to a vodka. i’ve gotten used to drinking 100 proof rittenhouse and 92 proof redemption, so 80 proof doesn’t quite pack the punch in an old fashioned for me. it does make it smooth and easier to drink on the rocks though, so if that’s your thing you’ll totally love it.

the other drawback it it’s price. templeton is a good $10-$15 more per bottle than rittenhouse, redemption and bulleit. with that being said, i don’t know if i will restock when the bottle runs out.

– ryan

– fernbank views –

fernbank views - photo by: ryan sterritt

we used some of our garage sale loot to renew our membership at fernbank museum of natural history! we are big fans of fernbank and were excited to become members again. i’ve always loved the architecture of the museum and the circular cutouts in the brick upstairs. i was able to take this great photo!

– ryan

fernbank museum of natural history

767 clifton rd ne
atlanta, ga 30307


– happy face –

happy face - photo by: angela nichols

this sweet face makes me happy!

– gub

– tulip tree –

tulip tree - photo by: ryan sterritt

as usual, our japanese magnolia did not disappoint this year! it’s generally one of the earliest and most beautiful blooming trees in the spring, as long as a late freeze doesn’t get in the way.

– ryan & gub

– dining al fresco –

dining al fresco - photo by: angela nichols

the kids dined al fresco last night!!!

– gub

– rocket corn –

rocket corn - photo by: angela nichols

grey says his corn is like a rocket!

– gub