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March 2011
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archive for March, 2011

- homemade fried pies -

the varsity, an iconic atlanta fast food chain, has amazing homemade fried pies. they are along the lines of ones you find at mcdonalds, only way better. we tried the peach and apple pies during our last visit and loved them. they were tasty and definitely lived up to the hype!

the packaging for the pies is great as well! it looks like they haven’t changed the design since the varsity started serving them.

- ryan

ps…i succeeded in my goal to write a blog post every day this month!

- sky lights -

a recent photo…

- ryan

- sebadoh -

the sebadoh reunion show last night at the earl was a blast from the past! they were touring in support of the bakesale and harmacy re-issues, so their setlist consisted of those albums and their singles. being that those are my two favorite albums of sebadoh, i was pleased as punch! on top of that, they sounded amazing at the earl, so it was a super fun evening. i have to say i was impressed at how great the songs still sounded 15+ years later.

gimme indie rock!

- ryan

- w lobby -

the w hotel in midtown atlanta has a really cool chandelier that reflects the morning light throughout the lobby. i often work out of the hotel and enjoy this light as i head in for the day.

- ryan

- nursery transformation: week five -

as mentioned before, the nursery transformation involved relocating ryan’s record collection to the living room. we also decided we’d like a sofa with arms that we could curl up and watch a movie on, so we ended up getting this bright yellow parlor sofa from cb2. we lucked out and were able to purchase a floor model at a great discount!

here are some images of our new cozy living room. visit the week 3 post in case you missed the before photos.

- gub & ryan

check out our week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4 nursery posts!

- downtown tulips -

there are lots of tulips blooming all around downtown atlanta these days! they look awesome.

- ryan

- green caution -

check out this amazing sticker! we still aren’t quite sure what is going on, but it appears to be some sort of ball following a guy who is about to run into a wall. or something like that…

- ryan & gub

- weeping cherry -

our weeping cherry tree had some beautiful blooms this year! it’s in the same family as a cherry blossom tree, only the limbs hang down like a weeping willow.

- ryan & gub

- godspeed you! black emperor -

it’s been a long time since i headed to athens on a work night for a concert, but the reunion of godspeed you! black emperor was hard to pass up. i’m definitely glad i made the trek too, the show was epic! godspeed played for well over two hours and covered all of the hits i was hoping to hear. getting to see both songs from the slow riot for new zerø kanada ep was a huge highlight! that came out after i saw them play the last time, which was 1998, so i was thrilled to see the entire ep live. plus they sounded amazing at the 40 watt!!! my ears were ringing even with earplugs.

godspeed used a bunch of old film projectors during their show to play looping videos on a backdrop. the guy in charge kept various film strips thrown over his shoulder that he switched out on the projectors. the layered films went well with the music and added to the whole experience.

i’m glad i made the drive to athens for this amazing concert! i have great memories of seeing godspeed you! black emperor, but they definitely exceeded my high expectations.

- ryan

- cherry blossoms -

our cherry blossom tree has been blooming!

- ryan & gub