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July 2011
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archive for July, 2011

- paint by numbers grid -

we made a vintage paint by numbers grid on a wall in our family room. we think it turned out great!

the two cutout paintings were made by stephen & shauna from something’s hiding in here. check out our post on vintage paint by numbers for more details on them.

- ryan & gub

- here’s to 31 -

i turned 31 today, which is quite crazy! unfortunately i had to work all day, so i didn’t do much celebrating. we are going to do something this weekend though, i can’t wait!

isn’t the card awesome? gub made it for my mom’s birthday and i tweaked it for my birthday!

- ryan

- birthday bbq -

we had a little gathering for my birthday, which also doubled as an introduction for those who hadn’t met clementine. it was a ton of fun!!!! we grilled chicago dogs and burgers!

- ryan

- laundry basket -

clem was having some fun in a laundry basket this evening! she looked so cute!

- ryan & gub

- green peppers -

our green peppers are finally ready! we have a ton currently growing in our garden, but these are the first ones big enough to eat. they are quite tasty!

- ryan & gub

- archers of loaf -

talk about a classic show! i just got back from seeing archers of loaf on their reunion tour at the earl!! what’s even better, the opening act birdsmell and freinds, turned out to be band of horses!!! how amazing is that? i guess ben bridwell has played under that name before, but seeing these two bands in such a small sweaty venue was quite the memorable concert!

archers were amazing! they were super loud and sounded great, it was as if they hadn’t take a thirteen year hiatus. the setlist was pulled from their entire catalogue; including all four albums and various eps & singles. my highlights were web in front, wrong, plumb line, might, harnessed in slums, dead red eyes, well, they were all pretty awesome. screaming along to web in front with a bunch of sweaty people made me feel like i was in high school again!

birdsmell and friends, aka band of horses, were also great! they played as a stripped down three-piece but still sounded awesome, i think ben bridwell’s brother might have even been on bass. the setlist was a mix of songs from their three albums and a few covers. i know ben bridwell is a fan of the loaf, archers bassist matt gentling has even toured as a member of band of horses, but it’s still awesome he played a secret show just to share the stage with them!

on a side note, i’m glad archers opted to play a few nights in a small venue rather than playing a larger venue for one night. such a small setting was perfect for them. the show i saw was the third of three sold out shows at the earl and it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun in a big venue.

- ryan

ps…it’s funny, the last time i saw archers of loaf was also a pretty epic show for me. it was on their farewell tour in 1998 and they played with built to spill, creeper lagoon and 764-hero at the metro in chicago. classic!

- nursery transformation: complete -

we finally got our flor tiles for the finishing touches on clementine’s nursery! the rug really ties the room together.

our good friend debbie also loaned us this folk art painting by mose tolliver. it was recently included in the “we are folk” exhibit at the hudgens center where gub works. it’s perfect for the nursery and clem really loves it!

we also added a mirror over clem’s changing table so she can look at herself when she’s getting her diaper changed. we took a vintage frame and had a piece of glass cut for it and hung it angled down a bit, so she can easily see herself! she LOVES it!!!

to see how the nursery transformation came together, check out our previous nursery posts: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7, week 8, week 9, week 10, week 11, week 12 and week 13!

- ryan & gub

- daddy’s day out -

gub had to go back to work today, so clementine and i had the day to ourselves. we went out on an adventure to the post office, target & kroger. we were grabbing flowers and candy to try and cheer gub up.

more importantly, perhaps, clem and i found matching headbands on our adventure!!!

- ryan

- eight weeks in -

it’s hard to believe, but clementine turned eight weeks old today! how time flies. to celebrate, here are some fun photos of clementine with a mustache!

our ‘mustache on a stick’ came from something’s hiding in here! we also have some great paint by number cutouts from them.

- ryan & gub

- sleepy time -

here are some recent photos of clementine looking all cute while sleeping!

- ryan & gub