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July 2014
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archive for 'baby'

- yes, have some -

yes, have some - photo by: angela nichols

more corn shucking from Grams’ house.

- ryan & gub

- happy birthday grams!!! -

happy birthday grams!!! - photo by: angela nichols

clementine was excited to celebrate grams birthday with her this weekend. on a random note, it is also grandma sterritt’s birthday as well! it’s such a small world that both of our mother’s have the same birthday!

- ryan & gub

- where’s the beach -

where's the beach - photo by: angela nichols

grey was looking for the beach!

- ryan & gub

- beach time -

beach time - photo by: angela nichols

clementine was exploring the beach while visiting grams this weekend!

- ryan & gub

- first catch -

first catch - photo by: angela nichols

clementine caught her first fish last night! it was quite the adventure with her uncle cullen on his boat.

- ryan & gub

- fishing in a dress -

Fishing in a dress - photo by: angela nichols

fishing in a dress… that’s my girl!

- ryan & gub

- clem + uncle cullen -

clem + uncle cullen - photo by: angela nichols

clem was adventurous and went fishing on a boat with her uncle cullen!

- ryan & gub

- fishing with grandaddy dalton -

fishing with grandaddy dalton - photo by: angela nichols

while clem was out in a boat with her uncle cullen, grey took a stab and fishing from the shore with his grandaddy dalton!

- ryan & gub

- shucking corn -

shucking corn - photo by: angela nichols

busy bees shucking corn at Grams’ house…

- ryan & gub

- oh my darling, clementine -

oh my darling, clementine - photo by: ryan sterritt

clementine looked beautiful on her way to a tea party this weekend!

- ryan & gub