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January 2013
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archive for January, 2013

- doppelgänger -

time for some father-son-look-alike contests!!!

- ryan

- swinging around -

clementine has been enjoying her new swing!

- ryan & gub

- intelligentsia coffee -

our friends rob & ellen recently sent us a gift box from intelligentsia with a bag of fresh roasted coffee and two mugs! we had never tried intelligentsia before, at least that we are aware of, so we were excited. it was a very tasty, smooth cup of coffee, especially brewed with our chemex. we were quite impressed!

on a related note, we’ve upgraded our coffee brewing setup over the last few months. our electric tea kettle was on the fritz, so we got the new variable temperature kettle from bonavita. it’s the perfect companion for pour-over coffee brewers and tea lovers alike. it has a gooseneck spout for easy pouring and the kettle offers complete temperature control for ideal brewing settings. there is also a hold feature to keep your water hot throughout the brewing process, or if you plan on having another cup of tea. basically, it’s pretty awesome!

for christmas we also upgraded our grinder, which was on its last legs as well. we went with a conical burr style from capresso. it actually grinds the beans instead of chopping them, preserving aroma and flavor. the grinder is also extremely quite and super easy! you just set the fineness (from coarse to turkish fine), turn the knob to the amount of cups you want and it does the rest. for our chemex setup, we stick with a coarse grind, which you can see in the below photo.

- ryan

- happy birthday gubby -

happy birthday gubby!

- ryan, clementine & grey

- back to the future -

i got the fuji instax 210 camera for christmas and it’s a blast from the past! for those who you who loved your polaroid camera, then you’ll be all over this. it shoots on wide format film that is very similar to the old polaroid 600 film size. plus you can buy new film on amazon for $16.99 for 20 photos. that’s less then polaroid film used to be.

the impossible project is also making and selling new film for various polaroid models, check out their webstore for more details. they also sell these sweet jackets!

- ryan

- working from home -

clementine was sickly, so i worked from home today with her. we had some laptop bonding!

- ryan

- nursery transformation: updated -

with the addition of a modern dollhouse, an easel, and lots of christmas goodies; we did some rearranging in clementine’s room. we added a bookshelf in her closet and moved her crib to make more space. it definitely opened the room up.

clementine loves her modern dollhouse! we saw it in a magazine ages ago, but it was quite pricey. we ended up finding it at our local consignment shop, jack and jill’s, and couldn’t resist. it’s now become a home for many of our old toys as well, ie. r2d2 and the homestar crew.

- ryan & gub

to see how clementine’s room came together, check out our previous coverage: week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6, week 7, week 8, week 9, week 10, week 11, week 12, week 13 and completion!

- an orla kiely winter -

there were lots of new orla kiely additions at our household this holiday season. clementine got some kids books and gub got an awesome new purse!!! we also found these great pillows at bed bath & beyond. even better, they were half off, which you can’t beat!

be sure to check our previous post on our oral kiely bedding!

- ryan & gub

- happy new year 2013 -

happy new year!

- ryan, gub, clementine & grey